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The Sharp Shin Romance Trilogy

The First Morning After

For as long as he can remember, Danny Rojas has wanted all-star first baseman Mitchel Finch. And he could swear that in high school, Mitchel wanted him back. But the baseball team made Danny’s life a living hell back then, and the moment he was able, he got out. Five years later at a friend’s wedding, Danny finally has the chance, and more importantly, the courage, to act on his years-long crush.

Mitchel Finch used to have it so good—a brilliant athlete with a full scholarship to play college baseball, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a place of importance in his home town. All he had to do was play it straight. But when an injury ends his baseball career, and his best friend’s wedding reminds him of everything he lost, Mitchel jumps at the opportunity Danny gives him—a night to be honest with himself. A night to finally feel wanted for exactly who he is.

The trouble is, neither of their circumstances has changed by morning. Mitchel is still in the closet, and Danny is still the town pariah. Can a connection, building for years and forged in one night, survive the first morning after?

The Second First Date

After years of an unrequited crush and exchanged secret looks, Mitchel Finch and Danny Rojas had one weekend of sex and self-discovery at a friend’s wedding. But when the morning after came, Danny got to return to his life in Philadelphia while Mitchel was left to deal with the fallout of publicly defending Danny from his high school bullies. He wasn’t quite dragged out of the closet, but he’s clinging to the door frame with the tips of his fingers and stubbornness.

Having grown up terrorized for his sexuality, Danny can’t imagine Mitchel ever choosing to be with him–even if the nights they shared were the most intensely amazing of his life. He knows Mitchel won’t risk his status in their small home town. No matter what Danny hopes for, he doesn’t expect they’ll get another shot.

Now, after weeks apart, they have two nights to explore their feelings for each other without fear of discovery or consequences. Is it enough to pull Mitchel out of hiding–and to convince Danny their connection is deeper than sex?

It’s all riding on their second chance at a first date.

Stealing Third

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Take Me Home

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The Artistic License Trilogy

Indelible Ink

Fresh off the West Coast and out of a bad relationship, Jon Park gambles every penny he has on his very own upstate New York tattoo and piercing parlor. But opening Park Ink in the dead of winter may not have been the best plan. By February, he’s low on cash, appointments, and confidence.

All that changes when Jon finds Arthur half-frozen on his doorstep. A homeless thief with a wicked smile and dazzling artistic talent of his own, Arthur kickstarts Jon’s creativity and charms his way into Park Ink. Jon promises to teach Arthur everything he knows about tattooing, all while trying his very best not to fall into bed with him. He’s been burned by a workplace romance before, so he can’t make that mistake again, right?

Arthur’s magnetism doesn’t just draw Jon to him, but all kinds of trouble, besides, and when the past they’re both running from threatens everything he’s worked for, Jon will have to choose—the end of his financial troubles or the young man who’s gotten under his skin just as indelibly as the ink he uses.

Stripped Down

A dancer at Savannah’s club for four years, Saro loves the independence her career has given her. She’s one of the best in the business—beautiful, talented, and out of everyone’s reach—but the burnout is real, and she needs to change things up, for the sake of her bank account and her sanity.

Luckily, Saro hasn’t gone a day in her life without a plan, and this is no different. When she meets Red—a fiery, gifted amateur—and brings her on as her dance partner, they take Savannah’s by storm. With plans to make a killing on the party circuit, the sky is the limit.

But when Saro’s strict rules about the nature of the partnership begin to fray and unravel in the face of their electric chemistry and attraction, Saro confronts an impossible choice—bare herself to Red or lose her for good.

Camera Shy

Not everyone gets a second chance at a happily ever after—except maybe in the movies.

All her life, filmmaker Melody Gellar has wanted to tell the perfect love story. Recently widowed and with her thirtieth birthday looming, she decides that now more than ever she needs to rediscover what true love looks like. With a passion for erotic cinema and an eye for chemistry, she finds two male dancers with a long history together to play the lovers in her film.

Francis and Denny are electric on screen, but Melody quickly discovers that she has stumbled into an actual romance—one that neither of her stars have acknowledged and that threatens to wreck not only her film, but their friendship.

Worse, Melody has fallen for them both from behind her camera. When a secret from their troubled, violent past breaks them apart, Francis and Denny will need Melody to come out from behind the camera, to tell her own story and to save theirs—to make a happily ever after all their own.

A previous edition of this story was titled Third Take Is the Charm.