I’m (coming) back!

Hello, all! It’s been a while. I am currently in the process of re-packaging my books to self-publish all of them! My first book, Indelible Ink, will be out in June, and I hope to have two (2!) new releases this year! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s my new cover for Indelible Ink! Isn’t it pretty?

Stealing Third has arrived!

Book three of my Sharp Shins series is here!! Now that Danny and Mitchel have made it from The First Morning After to The Second First Date, Nick and Miles are Stealing Third! 

Stealing Third


His old high school teammates call him “Peaches” because Nick Pacioretti is anything but sweet–too calculating, too abrupt, and way too invested in his best friend Miles’s baseball career for his own good. But between the two of them, somebody needs to make it to the majors, and Nick is going to get him there, come family illness or a surprise revelation that his best friend is bisexual.

At twenty-three, Nick has never understood his guy friends’ obsession with girls and sex. He’s never felt real attraction in his life, but he’d do anything to protect Miles’s future–including experiment with sex. He might even like it.

With his second season in the minors at an end and his career up in the air from money trouble, third-baseman Miles Rodriguez is ready to buckle under the pressure. All he has is his best friend Nick and the possibility of finally exploring sex with a guy. Having loved Nick for years, his suggestion of a mutually beneficial arrangement is more than Miles can refuse–even if secretly deepening their relationship puts Miles’s future in the majors on the line.

Ambition and the pull of old love collide in Stealing Third!

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The Second First Date is out!!

At long last, the sequel to The First Morning After is available for purchase! The Second First Date is here from Loose Id! Stay tuned for blog tour dates and giveaways!

The Second First Date

ML_TheSecondFirstDate_coverlgAfter years of an unrequited crush and exchanged secret looks, Mitchel Finch and Danny Rojas had one weekend of sex and self-discovery at a friend’s wedding. But when the morning after came, Danny got to return to his life in Philadelphia while Mitchel was left to deal with the fallout of publicly defending Danny from his high school bullies. He wasn’t quite dragged out of the closet, but he’s clinging to the door frame with the tips of his fingers and stubbornness.

Having grown up terrorized for his sexuality, Danny can’t imagine Mitchel ever choosing to be with him–even if the nights they shared were the most intensely amazing of his life. He knows Mitchel won’t risk his life or position in their small home town. No matter what Danny hopes for, he doesn’t expect they’ll get another shot.

Now, after weeks apart, they have two nights to explore their feelings for each other without fear of discovery or consequences. Is it enough to pull Mitchel out of hiding–and to convince Danny their connection is deeper than sex?

It’s all riding on their second chance at a first date.

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The First Morning After is here!

My new m/m romance is available now! And I am so excited about this book. I’m also going on tour to gush about it and give away a few copies. Dates coming soon!

The First Morning After

ML_TheFirstMorningAfter_coverlg For as long as he can remember, Danny Rojas has wanted All-Star first baseman, Mitchel Finch. And he could swear that in high school, Mitchel was interested, too. But the baseball team made Danny’s life a living hell back then, and the moment he was able, he got out. Five years later at a friend’s wedding, Danny finally has the chance, and more importantly, the courage, to act on his years-long crush.

Mitchel Finch used to have it so good—a brilliant athlete with lots of friends, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a place of importance in his home town. All he had to do was play it straight. But when an injury ends his baseball career, and his best friend’s wedding reminds him of everything he lost, Mitchel jumps at the opportunity Danny gives him—a night to be honest with himself. A night to finally feel wanted for exactly who he is.

The trouble is, neither of their circumstances has changed by morning. Mitchel is still closeted, and Danny is still the town pariah. Can a connection, building for years and forged in one night, survive the first morning after?

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Marie About Town

It’s been a busy few weeks since Third Take released! Here’s a links roundup of the blogs I visited to talk about the new book!

My good friend Nona Raines invited me to her blog, The Divas of Desire, where I got to show off how pretty my cover is, talk a little about Third Take Is the Charm, and entice you with a sample.

Then I visited Bad Girlz Write and waxed extremely poetic about my love of Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell (and their love for each other), as well as why I find menage/poly to be The Holy Grail of Hotness. A big thank you to my bosom friend, Jeanette Grey, for inviting me!


AND, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America, so the esteemed Cara Connelly invited me to the chapter blog to chat about how I found my way to writing love stories!  RWA, its members, and its resources have improved me so much as a writer and as professional (hard to believe, I know), I was thrilled to gush about that, too.

So thank you, everyone, for offering me the opportunity to talk about Third Take and to talk with all of you! Hugs all around!


It’s release day!!!

Today’s the day! It’s now! I have arrived!!


Ahem. I mean, my book has arrived.

Third Take Is the Charm is available for purchase TODAY! And it is also 10% off!

ML_third take is the charm_coversm

Not everyone gets a second chance at their own happily ever after—except maybe in the movies.

All her life, filmmaker Melody Gellar has wanted to tell the perfect love story. Recently widowed and with her thirtieth birthday looming, she decides that now more than ever she needs to remind herself what true love looks like. With a passion for erotic cinema and an eye for chemistry, she finds two male dancers with a long history together to play the lovers in her film.

Francis and Denny are electric on screen, but Melody quickly discovers she’s stumbled into an actual romance—one that neither of her stars have acknowledged and that threatens to push them apart. Worse, Melody begins to fall for them both from behind her camera. With their troubled, violent past dogging their every step, Francis and Denny need Melody to come out in front of the lens, to tell her own story with them—to make their happily ever after.

Sometimes the third take is the charm.

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Indelible Ink Is Out!

My very first book, Indelible Ink is available for purchase in the “Boys Will Do Boys” special release from Ellora’s Cave. Also available from Amazon.

Fresh from the West Coast and out of a bad relationship, Jon Park wants nothing more than to make a name for himself on the East Coast with his tattoo and piercing parlor. But opening Park Ink in the dead of winter may not have been the best strategy. By February, he’s low on cash with few appointments and enough stress to turn him gray before he hits thirty.

All that changes when he finds Arthur half-frozen on his doorstep. A homeless thief with a troubled past, he ignites Jon’s creativity and charms his way into a quick friendship. Jon’s wary of falling in love again but still recognizes talent and promises to teach Arthur about tattooing, despite what it might do to his heart.

When the ugliness they both left behind threatens to swallow them whole, Jon must make a choice—go on alone or accept the man who’s gotten under his skin just as permanently as the ink he uses.